Gift Bags

We provide affordable gift bags (aka loot bags) that range in price as low as $5 per gift bag to $12.

Choose from a wide range of products like candy inspired scented hand sanitizers, nail polish, lip balm, hair accessories and much more! 

All of our gift bags include candies and nut free chocolate.

Heavenly Hands 
Colorful hand sanitizers within a holder
$5.00/loot bag*
Nail polish, toe separators, and nail file
$6.00/gift bag*
Hair Pals
Ponytail Pals hair elastic and stickers
$6/loot bag*
Hugs & Kisses
Lip balm and mini Ty Beanie plush toy
$10/gift bag*
Just For Me
Choose from mini Lego sets to Barbie/Princess themed items
$12.00/gift bag*

 *Prices include taxes


Contact us for more information on our gift bag services for your special event.