About Us

“Our goal at Mi Cielo Mobile Spa is to create a memorable experience for our clients; we must ensure that their needs are always met.  As a mother, I know how stressful it can be to plan a party for my little princess.  Therefore, part of my mission is to alleviate the stress felt by parents when planning a birthday celebration.  Leave the pampering to us.” 

D. S. McIntosh, Manager and Owner of Mi Cielo Mobile Spa.



Denise Hui

Denise Hui is a self-taught nail artist who is passionate about art.

Several years ago, Denise picked up nail art and instantly fell in love. She began to document her artistic talents on Instagram where she received recognition and praise from people all around the world.

As a valued member of the “Mi Cielo” nail art team, Denise is able to spread her love for nail art and produce smiles upon the faces of many young girls throughout the GTA.


Samantha Liang

Samantha Liang is a self-taught nail artist who studied in the Unionville Arts Program.

At a young age, Samantha fell in love with nail polish and makeup from playing with her Mother’s cosmetics. Her skills continue to improve as she ages; constantly practicing and researching new techniques and staying abreast with the latest trends. As a valued member of “Mi Cielo” mobile spa, Samantha is able to share her passion for nail art. She truly loves to beautify the nails of young girls and occasionally boys across the GTA.

Samantha Liang